Shannon gives herself a new name and a new

pastime - his name is Travis. She finds

herself at the business end of a gun.

​Book 3 of the Wyandotte Series

 Wyandotte Mystery Series 

Witches, a nun, a cowboy and a mule all

collide at the Fire Circle where one man

and one woman seek their revenge. Book 4 in the Wyandotte Series

After a night of too many glasses of wine with her friends, Suzanne had a vivid dream. Butterfly kisses on her neck, a hand caressing her hair. But is it a dream? Or a horrid home invasion? Will anyone believe her? The police don't seen to. 

What Carly did not realize was that secrets have a way of following people throughout decades. What part did Mutton Chops play in all of this? - Book 2 of the Wyandotte Series

 Carol Colbert - Author