Carol Colbert - Author   

Those who know me as a former co-worker will have fun trying to guess who the stories are about. Recognize anyone?.

After hearing the phrase "Joey's Bench"mentioned several times, Alan wants to hear the story behind the name. What he finds leads him to a real dilemma. 

​​​​​My name is Nicole Nines and I am pretty sure I am dead. I have been issued a partner to right some wrongs back down on earth.   Confused? Yeah, me too,  let’s try and figure this out together.

My name is Melissa  Oats.   Why  does my mother hate me?  Will I finally discover  the details

of my existence? 

Jasper walked slowly on the path, his cane in his hand. His steps were slow and his breath measured. He had returned to these woods after all these years to find out what had happened to him eighty-four years ago. . He pleads “Please, I have to know!” and then he sees it, there in the mist.

By the end of  Raymon's trip back home, two people are dead, and two are in the backseat

of a patrol car.