Shannon gives herself a new name and a new

pastime - his name is Travis. She finds

herself at the business end of a gun.

​Book 3 of the Wyandotte Series

Those who know me as a former co-worker

will have fun trying to guess who the stories

are about. Recognize anyone?.

Jennifer is in trouble again, this time after witnessing a murder!   Jennifer has her dream wedding - but with whom?


Suzanne begins screaming and collapses to the floor. What  happened to her ? Is the attacker  real? The police don’t seem to think so.  Book 1 of the Wyandotte Series

Non Serial  Stories (6)

​Jimmy Gumbo Series  (2)

My name is Melissa Oaks.   Why

does my mother hate me?  

Will I finally discover  the details

of my existence? 

Jennifer has waited so long for the two men in her life to make up their minds and now they both have at the same time!   What's a gal to do?  

Follow Andy’s adventures as he searches  for his one true home.  Will Jimmy Gumbo  be his greatest champion, or is that just another dead end?

After hearing the phrase "Joey's Bench"

mentioned several times, Alan wants to

hear the story behind the name. What he

finds leads him to a real dilemma

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​​The Jennifer Series  (3).

​They were not friends in life, but ever since Irma started haunting Millie they have become best friends. Now that Millie has crossed over to the other side they are free to have fun like never before. Join Millie Moneypenny and Irma Bankers in their laugh out loud adventures. This is the third and last book in the Millie series.

What Carly did not realize was that secrets have a way of following people throughout decades. What part did Mutton Chops play in all of this? - Book 2 of the Wyandotte Series

 Carol Colbert - Author   

Millie is a grand ole broad who has a secret - a best friend named Irma who happens to be a ghost! Come along on their quest to make wishes come true with their Fairy House. Will Irma find out why she is here and will knowing that make her leave forever? That is not a chance Millie is willing to take. Enjoy this laugh out loud book 2 of the Millie series.

Humor, Fiction, Mystery,  Crime, Romance , Ghost Series, horror, true stories  Light hearted  humor and good clean fun.  All my stories are set in Michigan.  

By the end of  Raymon's trip back home, two

people are dead, and two are in the backseat

of a patrol car. 

Millie Moneypenny is one old broad you don't want to mess with! Why is she being haunted by a former co-worker who died fifty years ago? She didn't even like Irma, so how can she get rid of her? Join Millie and Irma in their funny tale about this odd couple. 

​​​​​My name is Nicole Nines and I am pretty sure I am dead. I have been issued a partner to right some wrongs back down on earth.   Confused? Yeah, me too,  let’s try and figure this out together.

Witches, a nun, a cowboy and a mule all

collide at the Fire Circle where one man

and one woman seek their revenge. Book 4 in the Wyandotte Series

Millie Series (3)

What purpose could this goofy looking  trio of friends have as they wander the  downriver area? Join them as they try  to lead Smokey Jo to her true mom ,

Jasper walked slowly on the path, his cane in his hand. His steps were slow and his breath measured. He had returned to these woods after all these years to find out what had happened to him eighty-four years ago. . He pleads “Please, I have to know!” and then he sees it, there in the mist.

  Who is the woman the newspapers are reporting as  found in a garbage receptacle badly beaten and why are they saying it was Jennifer? Will the would-be killer realize he has the wrong woman? Or has he?